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Pages culture et sorties du journal Houston Accueil en PDF Avril-Mai 2014
Agenda culturel du Consulat de France à Houston Mai 2014
Agenda culturel de Texan French Alliance for the Arts Mars 2014
Agenda culturel de l'Alliance Française à Houston 2014
Agenda culturel de Houston Arts Alliance - Arsthound 15 au 21 Mai 2014

Agenda culturel de Fresh Arts 13 au 20 Mai 2014
This Week's Top Five Events par Glasstire 15 au 21 Mai 2014

L'Alliance Française présente : Toits du Nord, Toits du Sud, une exposition par Silvia Souza
du 1er mai au 1er juillet 2014, 427 Lovett Blvd, 77006, tel 713 526 1121

Yvonamor Palix présente : No Passport Necessary, Ailleurs/Elsewhere
du 3 mars à fin mai sur rendez-vous uniquement, à la résidence du Consulat Général de France à Houston 1904 Kirby Drive, Houston, 77019
Contact Yvonamor Palix, 28-467-6065 or

The Gallery invites you to an Open House on March 1st and 2nd as part of our latest exhibition, Ailleurs, Elsewhere, inside the residence of the Consulate General of France in Houston. NO PASSPORT NECESSARY is an invitation to all art enthusiasts to enjoy a series of petite individual exhibitions entitled: Ailleurs/Elsewhere.
Join us for a voyage through the photos and prints of:
Khalil Abu Sharekh | Alfredo De Stefano | Studio Marlot & Chopard
Syd Moen | Sandy Skoglund | Olivier Richon | Joëlle Verstraeten
as well as a selection of photographs from TFAA's "Open The Door" photo contest and several of the door sculptures.
Plus d'informations ici
Evénement officiel du French Cultures Festival

Et toujours à visiter : James Turrell “Twilight Epiphany” Skyspace à Rice University
Ouvert tous les jours, toute la journée. Illumination de 40 mn au lever et coucher du soleil
6100 Main Street, adjacent à Shepherd School of Music, Houston TX 77005

"Rice University revealed its newest on-campus art installation, James Turrell’s “Twilight Epiphany” Skyspace, in mid-June 2012. It is the 73rd in a series of structures by the American artist that have been built in over twenty countries world-wide. Despite their individual differences, all use light and space to alter the viewer’s perception of the sky.

Rice University’s “Twilight Epiphany” is a form of grass-covered pyramid whose sides gently ascend to a flat top that is covered by a 72 square foot roof. The latter is supported by only a few beams and, with a thickness of less than an inch, appears to be almost hovering.

The ceiling is illuminated by LED lights and acts as a frame to the square opening in the center that grants a view of the sky. The changing colors complement the natural light and allow for a reflective interaction with the natural world. Sound will also play a role when the space is used by Rice's Shepherd School of Music: hidden acoustic fixtures permit live and electronic music performances.

The structure next to the Alice Pratt Brown Hall is open all day but the 40-minute light shows are available only during sunrise and sunset; no music is used for the sunrise and sunset light shows. They are free and take place six days a week; however, reservations must be made. About 120 visitors can be seated on benches on two levels, the lower one being wheelchair-accessible."